On-Line Benefit Claim Form

  If you wish to apply for housing or council tax benefit, you now have the option to use our intelligent online application form.

We know that benefit forms are quite long and complicated so Selby District Council has used new internet forms technology to make our online application as easy as possible for you. Features include:

 Open Claim Form Here.

  • You can fill in the whole form off-line. The form is therefore 100% reliable - It doesn't matter if there are any glitches in the internet, you can carry on with the form without any problem. And you don't have to fill it in all in one go - You can save the form on your computer, and come back to it later. 
  • The form will help and guide you as you work through it to ensure you only fill in parts that are relevant to your claim. This makes the form much simpler for you.
  • The form checks itself for errors and highlights anything you have missed. When your form is free of errors it is easier for us to process.
  • When completed you can submit the form directly to our server so we can begin processing your claim without delay.
  • Where we need to see evidence from you to support your claim, the form will give you a customised list of exactly what we need to see.
  • If you need them, extra forms (e.g. for your employer or landlord) can be printed straight away.
  • To protect your privacy all information you enter on the form is encrypted.

For help with filling the form, please visit the following help pages .